Alan Wake II: Night Springs

08 Jun 2024

PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X|S PC (Microsoft Windows)
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Remedy Entertainment
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The dark and haunting world of Alan Wake II broadens further with the release of its first major expansion Night Springs. Dive deep into the surreal territory of the fictional TV show 'Night Springs' and embark on quests that are as bizarre as they are thrilling.

We live in a timeline where Sam Lake also exists...
14 Jun 2024
The only good thing about this was jesse faden. I expect more than this. That was so short and full of not answered questions. But at all the way remedy telling stories is amazing and make me happy.
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Music: 10
GamePlay: 8
Story: 9
Visual Effects: 10
Audio Effects: 10
14 Jun 2024
Remedy once again making a banger. The third episode in particular is something special that everybody who enjoys these games has to check out!
19 Jun 2024
This dlc was short and the first 2 episodes were okay and fun however the third episode is the highlight of this dlc.The third episode was phenomenal in story telling combing all remedy studios games into one the ending leaves us with many questions.
11 Jun 2024
I really liked the storytelling, but I gotta say, the stories were kinda confusing and unclear. I read everything, but I still felt lost. I was hoping for more details and an expansion of the original story, but the DLC didn't quite deliver. It's made up of 3 short episodes, each with different characters and ideas. The first story was nice and cute, the second one had good puzzles, and even though I didn't get the second story, I still enjoyed it. The last episode was really weird and involved multiversus , making it hard to understand. The third story was hard to follow, but the narration was well done. Overall, I'm not sure what the point of the DLC is or what it adds to the story.
Would I recommend it? Yeah, if you miss the game world and its vibe, but maybe not if you're looking for a solid, coherent story. I'd give it a 7/10.

اضافه غريبه ولم افهم منها شي بتاتا لكن استمتعت بسرد الاحداث, القصص غير واضحه وغير مفهومه مع اني قريت كل شي وسمعت كل شي لكن باقي ضايع.
دام اني ضايع بقيم dlcكتجربه:
كتجربه كانت جميله وكنت متوقع اضافه للقصه الاصليه وتفاصيل اكثر لكن للاسف لا
الاضافه عن 3 حلقات كل حلقة ربع ساعه تقدم فكره غير بشخصيه مختلفه
القصه الاولى جميله ولطيفه
الثانيه مافهمتها لكن قدمت تجربه رائعه من ناحية الالغاز بسيطه نعم لكن استمتعت الحقيقه ,
الحلقة الاخيره كانت غريبه جدا وفيها عوالم موازيه يعني اكيد مابنفهم شي
الثالثه قدمت قصه غير مفهومه لكن السرد جميل ومتنوع وهذا شي يحسب لهم , ككل الاضافه صراحه مدري وش الهدف منها او وش تضيف للقصه.

هل تستحق التجربه ؟ نعم اذا مشتاق لعالم اللعبه وجماله واجوائها.
لا اذا تدور قصه جيده او تدور قصه من الاساس .
10 Jun 2024
- Gameplay: 10
- Story: 10
- Characters: 10
- Graphics: 10
- Sounds: 9
- Level Design: 10
- Performance: 8

Played on PC
09 Jun 2024
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