Whipseey and the Lost Atlas
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Whipseey and the Lost Atlas

27 Aug 2019

Xbox One Nintendo Switch PC (Microsoft Windows) PlayStation 4
6.0 rating
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Daniel A. Ramirez
Blowfish Studios


Single player Side view 🎮 Platform 🏹 Adventure 👾 Indie 🕹️ Arcade 💥 Action

After discovering a magical book, a young boy named Drew is whisked away to Whipseeyland, where he transforms into Whipseey, the pink, whip-wielding hero of this bright, colorful world. With the help of Princess Alyssa, Whipseey embarks on a quest to recover magical orbs that possess the power to return him home. Whip or jump on enemies standing in the way and collect the magic gems they leave behind. Find an impassable chasm? Hold down the jump button and use the whip as a helicopter to travel further. Use swing points to fling Whipseey from one far-flung location to another and bounce off enemies to reach impossible heights.

100% Achievements

Xbox Live - (Xbox)

xOliverFlynn 🙅🏻‍♂️
04 Apr 2024
25 Mar 2024
Com um personagem que lembra o Kirby da Nintendo, Whipseey and The Lost Atlas é um game plataforma curto, que exige precisão e tem um alto desafio. Tem cenários bonitos e variados, mas a música é esquecível e sem quaisquer poderes ou upgrades. A jogabilidade um pouco travada atrapalha as vezes.
03 Aug 2020
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