Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

28 Jan 2014

Google Stadia PlayStation 4 PC (Microsoft Windows) Xbox One
8.9 rating
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Crystal Dynamics
Crystal Dynamics
Square Enix



Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is a re-release of Tomb Raider, developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square-Enix for the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. The game is optimized for next-gen consoles, with the help of outside developers including United Front Games and Nixxes Software. Definitive Edition includes several visual and game play enhancements, and is packaged with all available downloadable content for the game. The game was released on January 28th, 2014.

Lackluster. I wanted more from this game. The combat was ok. The story was forgettable, and predictable. And LONG. It was like a great value (Walmart brand) Uncharted. The graphics were decent. The soundtrack and music were good. But I just wanted more from it. It was just.....meh.
04 May 2024
gay awakening somehow
05 Nov 2022
‌ ‌‌ Tomb Raider
✪ {ᏚᏟᏫᏒᎬ : 7.8}
…   …………….

• Story : 1.7
~ story is where this game REALLY lacks. the plotline is absolute dogshit. just a bunch of very cringe and cliche dialogues smushed together in a hot pile of garbage :D
characters as hollow as it gets and on top of that they have some of the worst voice acting i've ever seen. I felt absolutely nothing for any of them. like even when the game tried to be sad and serious it was still so cringe and goofy that i couldn't help but chuckle a lil bit XD
𐄁 Characters : 1.1
𐄁 Acting : 2.3
~ the best voice actors in the game were some of the npcs. only lara's actor did an ok job. tbf, the shitty writing really helps sell them as bad actors.

• Atmosphere : 7.2
𐄁 Immersion : 5.3
~ gamewise, does a good job. storywise, not for a single second did it make me care.
𐄁 Intensity : 6.9

• Gameplay : 8.4
~ i really really liked the gameplay. It's VERY uncharted like. and it does a very good job with the pacing so it never really feels repetitive. It's kinda sad that this good of a game was wasted on this bad of a story.
𐄁 Gunplay : 7.8
~ pretty good on the bow and the pistol. the rest were meh tho.
𐄁 Combat : 5.2
𐄁 Stealth : 4.5
𐄁 AI : 3.0
𐄁 Movement : 8.2
~ the lack of a sprint and crouch button was very noticeable. also sometimes the right animations weren't chosen. tho overall i really liked the uncharted-ish feel of the movement.
𐄁 Traversal : 5.4
• Level Design : 8.6
𐄁 Pacing : 8.7
𐄁 Puzzles : 7.9
𐄁 Difficulty : Normal
𐄁 Skill Range : low floor - medium ceiling

• Visuals : 8.7
during cutscenes and upclose it's meh, but during gameplay, from textures and models to lighting and the godly world design, everything blends together perfectly and just looks stunning.
𐄁 Textures : 7.8
𐄁 Lighting : 8.7
𐄁 Small Details : 4.0
⋆ Environment Design : 9.2
𐄁 Environmental Storytelling : 3.0
𐄁 C‌inematography : 7.3

• Animations : 8.5
⋆ Movement Animations : 9.1
𐄁 Facial Animations : 5.6

• SoundTrack : 8.5
• Sound Design : 8.1
~ alot of times in cutscenes it gets too loud unbalanced but in-game it was pretty good.

• Multiplayer : -
unfortunately there's not a single soul playing it anymore. it's ashame since the concept looks like something i would've actually enjoyed.
𐄁 Servers : ꭗ
~ tried literally everything but never could join my friends. my frineds didn't have too many problems tho mine never worked.
𐄁 Dev. Support : ⍟⍟⍟⍟
~ i couldn't make it work but he was very quick and patient :D

• Performance : ↑↑↓
~ crashed 5 times but other than that it was fine.

𐄁 Side Content : ꭗ
𐄁 Customization : 3.0
~ for the guns, i liked the stage 2 of em, but after that they all started to get super ugly and sadly it doesn't even give you a choice to upgrade them or not.
𐄁 Innovation : -
𐄁 Accessibility : ⍟
𐄁 Setting Options : ⍟
𐄁 UI/HUD : 8.0
𐄁 Extras : ✓
𐄁 Replayability : 6.8
𐄁 Collectibles : 5.4
~ the writing and va on them was so goofy i couldn't stand hearing them out. collecting them tho, it wasn't a pain at all thanks to being able to mark them.
𐄁 Trophies : 3.4
~ online trophies on a dead game is always fun. need at least 4 frineds. one requires you to get to lvl 60 and buy everything in the multiplayer, and it takes an unbelievable amount of grinding the same boring thing so many fuckin times. i watched multiple full moistman streams while doing it to get it done. It's just a very very stupid trophy.

…   ……………….

𐄁 Do i recommend this game? if you don't mind the shitty story, then definitely yes.
𐄁 Did it make me take my time with it? yes actually. way more than i expected.
𐄁 Did it meet my expectations? i loved the game itself and was actually really surprised by how good it was but the story was just so extremely disappointing, even with already low expectations.

…    ……………………

- Platforms : PS4 Pro
- First Playthrough : 16.8.23
𐄁 Finished at : 20.8.23
𐄁 Difficulty : Normal
- Beaten : 2 times
- Trophy Progress : 85℅ ᩶
⟆⟅ | Platinumed in my heart :[
26 Aug 2023
I realise how much I miss linear Story Games. Nowadays, everything has become open world and we miss games like this, uncharted etc. Not all games need to be open world and this game proves that. I wish we could see more games like this again in the future
13 Aug 2023
couldn’t have been a better experience
04 Jan 2023
Sooo Repetitive
Cringe characters
Lara's personality is soo cartoony
Even though game is short..they managed to make the it boring at many points.

Last hour is good
Music is so forgettable

Worth the full price? Nah
25 Apr 2024
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