Saya no Uta

26 Dec 2003

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A horror visual novel about Fuminori Sakisaka, a medicine student who suffers an accident that leaves his perception of the world distorted: everything and everyone is perceived as a twisted mass of intestines, flesh and blood. Everything, except Saya.

If you want to read a horror and short Visual Novel, then give it a shot !
Saya-chan is Wonderful
10 Feb 2024
This was one of the most disturbing things I have seen, but it was really good. Finished in 4.5 hours.
19 Apr 2023
With the uncomfortable to sit through s*x/r-word scenes aside, this tale was pretty dark and imaginative. It took existential despair of HP Lovecraft's works, the psychological despair of Jacob's ladder/silent hill, the on-the-edge character interactions of tarintino, the human cynicism of Ryu Murakami, and the somber sadness of fucked up mixture between Suehiro Marou and Zdislaw Beksinski, and made it fucking work with the edgy grunge atmosphere of early 2000s mixed with sound effects that elevate the horror of the scenario to perfection.
The art is great and magnificent, and all the three endings are worth playing through.

Just one thing if you take my advice, play the steam version of it because all the s*xual stuff was really off-putting sometimes, and the writing takes a heavy dip on those scenes.
06 Oct 2022
Loli isn't really my thing but man what a great dark visual novel. It may be short but it's definitely worth it (of course it's not for everyone...). The music is just so top notch and sounds beautiful. SUNSET is just a lovely chill piece.
16 Mar 2021
A dark visual novel. Story is good, but characters just okay.
15 Dec 2020
Gozei. Digo... Gostei
30 Aug 2023
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