Doki Doki Literature Club!

22 Sep 2017

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9.4 rating
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Team Salvato
Team Salvato



The Literature Club is full of cute girls! Will you write the way into their heart? This game is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed.

The game is free but therapist is not
17 Dec 2023
Depression Booster 🥰
02 Apr 2023
I love this bloody game
03 Feb 2023
Rating: 7.5⭐
What a cute looking anime visual novel, surely nothing bad can happen right? It would've been so much better if there were no warnings in the game... But yeah, it's... understandable.

Yeah so this is my first visual novel? game? Idk. It was intriguing as hell, i don't get how anyone gets genuinely spooked by it, the dark parts were kinda funny most of the times, since they were previsible as hell, except maybe the very first event, after that you kinda expect what's to come. It's certainly unique and innovative and it deserves all the recognition it gets, but i do feel like it is pretty overrated, maybe i'm not the right audiance.

Played on: Steam Deck 🎮
Finishing date: 21 Mar 🗓️
21 Mar 2024
Storytelling :
8/10 (Amazing Story and Lore)
Gameplay :
N/A (Pure narrative game)
Graphics/Artstyle :
8/10 (Great Graphics and unique artstyle)
Characters/Dialogue :
9/10 (Amazing characters with great dialogue)
Audio Design/Music :
10/10 ("I have just shit myself")
Postgame content :
4/5 (Post game story and multiple endings)

Overall : 39/45 | 87% (A)

-Bonus Ratings-

Gameplay length :
3/5 (Decently long, 8-15 hours)
Price :
N/A (Free game)
Difficulty :
1/5 (Literally could beat it with my pinky)
Multiplayer :
1/5 (No multiplayer)

P.O :
Absolutely brilliant game, one of my favorite video games I've ever played, amazing story and plot, my only recommendation is to go and play the game blind as I did as it's kinda ruined when spoilers are given, you won't be disappointed :)
12 Sep 2023
My first visual novel game and a pretty good one! Loved the twists and I love how it breaks the fourth wall!! 19/04/23
19 Apr 2023
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