Life is Feudal: Your Own
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Life is Feudal: Your Own

17 Nov 2015

PC (Microsoft Windows)
7.6 rating
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Hardcore medieval multiplayer sandbox with terraforming, free preset and modular building construction, rich crafting (smelting, forging, farming, animal breeding etc.), survival, no target physics based combat, original combat formation system and numerous other features. Taking place in the fictional medieval world, game imposes a realistic system of global politics, economy, and socialization.

Maybe the worst MMORPG I've ever played, by the worst company to ever make a game . Even on a 5000€ computer, it plays terribly. The developers don't care about the game and never fixed dozens of glaring issues that plagued players since launch. Bitbox completely abandoned players of this expensive game, in favour of making a Pay 2 Win version that suffered from the exact same coding issues. Then they ditched that game and released an RTS that has one of the worst resource and balancing systems ever. Avoid it all like the plague.
02 Jul 2020
O jogo é bom mais tá abandonado, não deveriam cobrar por esse jogo, já que não fornecem servidores descentes, queria ter jogado na sua época, agora acho que tem uns servidores privados da comunidade, a ideia do game é genial, pena que fechou os servidores.
30 Oct 2023
Anumasamudrampeta Nellore Andhra
13 Sep 2023
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