Dark Devotion

25 Apr 2019

PC (Microsoft Windows) Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4
7.2 rating
139 want
109 played
10 playing
1 reviews
Hibernian Workshop
Maple Whispering Limited
The Arcade Crew



Trapped in a dark and gloomy temple, find your inner strength and courage to face its dangers. Show your Devotion! Dark Devotion invites you in a rich and peculiar universe. You will go through more and more confrontations. If you happen to succeed once, good job. But don’t even think that the next step will be as effortless as the previous one. Take part into rageous and bloody fights in which your opponents won't do you any favours. Be prepared to face foes that you won't forget. And remember, enemies as well as the Temple itself will want to strike you down : each and every fight is a duel to the death in which the slightest error may cost you your life.

DVD 767MB 300Rs
07 Mar 2023
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