Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

10 Nov 2023

PC (Microsoft Windows) PlayStation 5 PlayStation 4 Xbox One Xbox Series X|S
6.2 rating
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Sledgehammer Games



The game brings "open combat, " offering players more choices in approaching the single-player missions. Makarov returns as the chief villain of the new campaign. The newly introduced Carry Forward system will let players keep their progression and inventory from Modern Warfare II. Multiplayer fans can expect 16 maps at the launch and at least 12 coming later. Zombies mode will also return and should offer the largest zombie map to date.

Literally a dlc that costs full price tag...

With reused maps-guns even the story is just warzone mission's with cutscenes at the end💀

this is easily the WORST GAME IN THE SERIES soo bad even calling it a "game" is little too much..
16 Nov 2023
The campaign finishes off at an awkward point.. where it feels as though it took an AD break mid game but instead, that break is a permanent end game.

Playthrough was actually fun regardless of how repetitive and lazy the levels design actually were..

MW3 is a very rushed title with Unfinished campaign, that makes the whole game feels like a DLC.
16 Nov 2023
its bad yo
12 Nov 2023
4 for campaign 8 for multiplayer
12 Nov 2023
CoD is good again!
05 Jan 2024
Basic Call Of Duty with great story. I liked it
01 Dec 2023
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