Another Crab's Treasure

25 Apr 2024

PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X|S Nintendo Switch Xbox One PC (Microsoft Windows)
7.7 rating
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Another Crab’s Treasure is a soulslike adventure set in a crumbling underwater world plagued by a mysterious curse. As Kril the hermit crab, you’ll need to wear the trash around you as shells to withstand attacks from enemies many times your size. Embark on an epic treasure hunt to buy back your repossessed shell, and discover the dark secrets behind the polluted ocean.

First, we had Pinocchio Dark Souls, and then we had Pokémon Dark Souls, and now we have Spongebob Dark Souls. What's next? Peppa Pig? Despicable Me? The Bee Movie?
17 May 2024
Solid game that pays homage to the Dark Souls franchise. It's fun, a bit longer than necessary, and with good mechanics + gameplay that needs some sharpening for company's future projects.
05 May 2024
A charming, fun and slightly dark soulslike. For a first timer in the genre, it is literally the best option
24 May 2024
An absolute joy of a game.

The world, characters and humour of this game are what make it, gone are the days of only dark gritty soulslikes. Give me more colorful pun filled adventures.

This is also a great place to start if you're not sure about soulslikes as there are many options you can tweak to tailor the difficulty to your preference.

I would caution against buying it on the switch, as a new game it is little buggy in places but the Devs are listening and acting on this asap. However, the switch just isn't the best platform for it and I found additional lag, bugs, freezes and crashes. It 100% did not ruin the game for me but if you have another platform option other than the switch that would be my recommendation.
19 May 2024
This game is a gem. Despite the bugs, gameplay has alot of creative ideas for the soulslike genre and it felt good to play. Story is surprisingly good, dark, and mature. Also the dialouge is very funny. In conclusion, it's a indie gem full of charm.
10 May 2024
This game is surprisingly emotional and fun
10 May 2024
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