Animal Well

09 May 2024

Nintendo Switch PC (Microsoft Windows) PlayStation 5
9.0 rating
533 want
289 played
87 playing
23 reviews
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What lurks beneath the surface of this deceptively minimalistic adventure? In Animal Well there is more than what you see. Explore a dense interconnected labyrinth, and unravel its many secrets. Collect items to manipulate your environment in surprising and meaningful ways. Encounter creatures both beautiful and unsettling, and try to survive what lurks in the dark.

It's like Halo 2 meets Halo 3
18 May 2024
Better be good
15 May 2024
Great atmosphere and art style. Sound design compliments the atmosphere well. Really loved how almost all of the items have multiple uses. Love that there are no real tutorials or hand holding. My issue with metroidvanias is that they use backtracking too much and i lose interest, which isnt really the games fault. Beat it and got a solid 60% of the collectibles but fell off before soing everything
15 May 2024
better than knack
20 May 2024
A deceptively simple Metroidvania filled to the brim with secrets, Animal Well effortlessly entrances players with its vast, mysterious, and downright bizarre world.

I’m still absolutely astonished that this all came to fruition because of ONE man. You can tell Billy Basso poured every fiber of his being into this game, and in doing so created something infinitely more breathtaking than anything released by AAA studios in the last few years. The ambient soundtrack, the hauntingly beautiful visuals, the buttery smooth controls, the difficult but ultimately rewarding puzzles. Every aspect plays off of one another so well to create a cohesive, admittedly addicting gameplay loop that draws the player towards desiring more. And more there always is.

Despite finding all the eggs and bunnies, I know for a fact I’m nowhere close to discovering all the secrets this game has to offer. And though I was initially hesitant about working with a community to find some of these secrets, I now appreciate how unifying it truly is. Rest assured, I will be returning to Animal Well, whether it be to speedrun it or to dig deeper into its expansive void.
27 May 2024
Need more games like this, endlessly creative
22 May 2024
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