Alone in the Dark

20 Mar 2024

PC (Microsoft Windows) Xbox Series X|S PlayStation 5
7.5 rating
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Pieces Interactive
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Alone in the Dark presents itself as a reboot of the classic 1992 survival horror game featuring a noir-setting with horror elements and a moody atmosphere of darkness and shadows carried by terrifying visuals. The game revolves around investigating the environments for clues and solving puzzles to advance in the story, which the player can choose how much the game will help on finding these clues and where to go next. This reboot bears an interestingly similar fashion to the first games' mechanics but massively modernized and improved upon.

So I finished The David Harbour scenario and I have several thoughts, although I won't say my final thoughts until I finish the Jodie comer scenario

What I can say for the time being is that I'm not very happy with this approach. As intended to be a love letter it really doesn't do much justice to the love aspect. There was so much ambition for this game that they shot themselves in the foot. I don't believe this game is as bad as people say. What I'd call it is unpolished, and all over the place. There was way too much ambition rather than potential when it should have been the other way around. What I feel right now is Confuison and a huge sensation of overwhelming at how underwhelming this game feels.

Again I won't say my final thoughts till I finish Jodie's scenario which won't be anytime soon
09 Apr 2024
This actually impressed me quite a bit. I wasn't expecting much because the game looked pretty shitty in the trailers, but this is not the case when you are playing it. There are some set pieces that actually look stunning. I'm pretty sure I didn't even sprint when exploring, which made finding clues and solving puzzles even more immersive. Even though I almost never sprinted, I was able to finish it in under 6 hours, which is fine, but not great. While the story and performances are interesting enough, the combat falls completely flat. Melee in this game feels like gameplay you see in YouTube videos titled "I MADE THIS GAME IN 24 HOURS". There are only few combat encounters though, so it's fine I guess.
23 Mar 2024
I kinda like this game because of how intriguing the story is and it's also a mystery genre.
04 May 2024
What a great surprise, the only default are the combat but for the rest, I love it
22 Apr 2024
This game initially took me 15 hours to play through. I played as the character Emily Hartwood for my first play through, and took the time to try and search for every little thing. I went on to do the Standard Ending for my first time (there are three other Secret Endings).

I played through it again as Edward Carnby, immediately after finishing the first time, and it took me about 9-10 hours for that play through. Again, looking for the new items, and things I missed the first time around. But I tried my best to “speed run” it too.

First off, I HIGHLY suggest playing through the game as both characters. You will get the complete storyline that way, as well as additional clues, and character development that you just won’t get if you play through it as one character.
You also unlock ALL endings by playing as both characters.

I overall enjoyed the story. It wasn’t anything phenomenal, but it was still something I wanted to see completed, and know the answers to.

The game is definitely glitchy. There were quite a few bugs that happened, and the game even crashed on me twice. Both times in the same section of game, with both characters.
While the glitches were annoying, some things could definitely be polished, it was still playable and something I could manage to look past.
But a couple of glitches happened in serious moments of the game, and all I could do was laugh at them. So it took away from that experience, because of it.

Overall, I enjoyed the acting, the story, the characters, and gameplay.

I give it an 7.5 out of 10, because I think it definitely needs to be cleaned up a bit. But I would otherwise suggest giving it a try!
15 Apr 2024
Gameplay rarely ruins an experience for me, but I couldn't turn a blind eye to it in this one. Too much wasted potential
11 Apr 2024
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