Unravel Two

09 Jun 2018

Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 Xbox One PC (Microsoft Windows)
8.1 rating
1397 want
3034 played
420 playing
107 reviews
ColdWood Interactive
Electronic Arts


Single player Co-operative Third person Side view 🎮 Platform 🧩 Puzzle 🏹 Adventure 💥 Action 🍭 Kids

Unravel Two is the sequel to the 2015 puzzle platforming game Unravel. In the game there are two Yarny's (made out of yarn) which can be controlled by one player, though the game can also be played in co-op. Together the Yarny's explore area's and solve the puzzles within them.

very good co-op game, I wish it was longer
13 Oct 2023
09 Jan 2024
Nice game to play in couple, but some parts are very frustrating because too difficult, some elements are not visible / not clear with elements you can interact with or because the game skips some controller inputs, like the jump.
I would have expected a more relaxing adventure, similar to It Takes Two
04 Jan 2024
Nice concept of coop and a pretty way of story telling.
09 Jul 2023
Fun puzzle game. More enjoyable with a 2nd player but love the subtle story and the level design
01 Nov 2023
Got really fricking hard for what I expected to be a chill game.
15 Oct 2023
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