Score! Hero
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Score! Hero

05 Aug 2015

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Side view ⚽ Sport 🕹️ Arcade 💥 Action

Score! Hero, from the award winning makers of Score! World Goals, Dream League Soccer & First Touch Soccer. BE THE HERO! Pass, Shoot & Score your way to legendary status, as you explore the dramatic career of your HERO player over 460 challenging levels! Immersive free flowing 3D Score! Gameplay lets you control the action. Split defences with precise through balls, or bend shots into the top corner, putting you in control for an unrivalled mobile soccer experience.

Such a classic game, enjoyed.
31 Dec 2023
Gameplay 6/10
Story 8/10
Characters none
Main character none
Music 6,5/10
Overall 7/10 for a mobile game
27 May 2023
Simply amazing game.
27 Feb 2022
Mi juego favorito de móvil, me lo he pasado 3 veces por cambiarme de dispositivo. La última con 3 estrellas todos los niveles. La jugabilidad es muy buena para un juego de 2015 y se ve incluso más fluido que la versión 2 de este juego. Totalmente recomendable para pasar los ratos muertos.
10 Feb 2023
20 Dec 2023
Bel gioco, errori tecnici evidenti, sistema delle vite fastidioso. Sarebbe da 7 se non fosse per questi errori.
26 Jun 2023
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