Return of the Obra Dinn

18 Oct 2018

PlayStation 4 Xbox One Mac Nintendo Switch PC (Microsoft Windows)
9.5 rating
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Lucas Pope



In this 1-bit first-person mystery game, a merchant ship called the Obra Dinn has appeared at a London harbor, years after being declared lost at sea. As an insurance adjuster, the player must examine the ship for clues.

This game is unique and delightfully distinct from anything I've ever played before!
31 Dec 2023
What a game! God I wish I could forget it all just to experience this one for the first time again.
19 Feb 2024
Unlike anything else I've ever played - I'm a sucker for a good sea adventure
16 Nov 2023
Return of the Obra Dinn is a fantastic murder mystery game. You play as an insurance investigator with a demonic compass, looking to solve the fates of a 60-man crew on the ill-fated Obra Dinn. This game requires investigation, as you use your demonic compass to view the moments of death for each of the crew, and deduce their identities, and method of death. This was a fantastic game, though and through, with an incredible story, unique gameplay, a wonderful and unique art style, great music, and an incredible mystery to solve. An absolute gem of a game, and a solid 10/10 experience.
Rating ⭐️ 10/10
23 Mar 2024
Really really good game!
This game knows how to make you feel stupid and smart all at the same time.
I would recommend playing through it with someone as well if you can! It makes the mystery solving all the more fun in my opinion. Maybe I'll replay it when I get old and forget everything
24 Feb 2024
A must play for anyone who is even slightly interested in mystery’s.

Incredibly detailed.

The visuals are so compelling and are even used to help make things a little more intriguing.

Soundtrack is fantastic!

A lot of really fun “ah ha!” Moments when you effectively piece things together.

The story ties itself together really nicely.

10/10 must play
24 Feb 2024
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