Madden NFL 20

02 Aug 2019

PC (Microsoft Windows) Xbox One PlayStation 4
7.5 rating
47 want
204 played
25 playing
4 reviews
EA Tiburon
Electronic Arts



Feel like an NFL Superstar in Madden NFL 20. Be the Face of an NFL franchise where the decisions you make matter in your journey to become an NFL Superstar in ‘FACE OF THE FRANCHISE: QB1’. Feel the emotion, personality, and power of NFL Superstars with ‘SUPERSTAR X-FACTOR’, an all-new abilities progression system that reveals special abilities for today’s most exciting NFL Superstars heightening the level strategy and excitement in every game.

It's not exactly the most polished game ever, but I'd be lying if I said this wasn't one of the more fun years of madden in recent years. Yes it's unbalanced and the X factors are a bit ridiculous, but it's a fun kind of ridiculous and I'm not gonna pretend like I didn't enjoy this one.
23 Jan 2023
I want to play.
18 Dec 2023
Can't really say much, except that it's the same game as the last 10 lol.
28 Jan 2020
04 Sep 2020
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