27 Oct 2008

PlayStation 3
9.6 rating
707 want
3636 played
127 playing
64 reviews
Media Molecule
Sony Computer Entertainment


Single player Multiplayer Co-operative Side view 🎮 Platform 🐉 Fantasy 🤡 Comedy 🏖️ Sandbox 🍭 Kids

Welcome to LittleBigPlanet – a world of infinite possibilities, where imagination becomes reality and the powers of creation are firmly in your hands. If you can think of it, you can create it if you can create it, you can share it if you can share it, you can play it – and watch our colorful LittleBigPlanet grow and diversify! It’s a new kind of game that unleashes the creativity in everyone. Design your own character and play over 50 awesome developer levels packed with dangers to navigate, races to win and puzzles to solve. As you play you will learn the skills to build a world of your own by earning creative tools and collecting hundreds of items. Use these items and tools to shape amazing levels of your own, featuring puzzles, challenges, and enemies of your own design. When you are ready, go online to access the LBP community and Share your creations for everyone to play. LittleBigPlanet is a world with no limits – a world that’s yours to shape, build and explore.

I had a cool spaceship,half of it was white and had decorations to fit an angels room,and the other half was red and had horns and naughty stuff to fit a devils room,it was really cool!
23 Feb 2023
I Loved This Game!
28 Aug 2023
Game of the year 2008
01 Jul 2023
Creative af
19 Apr 2023
Played on: Playstation 3
Version: Playstation 3
Edition: Physical

Super ahead of its time. I would love to play this one again one day. Fun gameplay & layered with content.

Final verdict: Buy it
02 Jun 2022
14 Nov 2023
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