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Fortnite: @Senshi review

i started playing it a year before: starting from chapter 3 when it first adding zero build mode because i wasn't into the building stuff( was hard for me and it needs practicing) but i really felt bad for not giving it a chance before, before where every og says it was in it's best era, the first seasons and the little story that they were trying to tell with the all events and stuff when i looked back it looked really good and fun 😕( but yeah since also i haven't had a device to play it on ( mobile was a joke/ didn't have console/ and my laptop was a potato) when i got my ps4 i tried it and yes:

FUN: 10/10 with friends 8/10 when alone
the fun starts to fell off at like when you finish the battle pass but it's quite enough to be honest since they keep adding stuff in the same season and the seasons gets renewed every 3 months. /////// all the events and skins,emotes,weapons,changing the way of playing by adding new stuff to use really keeps the game refreshing and addicting. so yes 10/10 for that point

for platinum it needs to purchase the game to play the story mode, even tho it requires grinding for many months to be achieved.

15 May 2024