I quite enjoyed the story for this game. I mean it isn't exactly Rocky quality but there were plenty of moments that hyped me up and made me want to go to the gym. The soundtrack is awesome and it always kicks in during the most intense moments, and the scenarios the game puts you in are really fun, like the prison fights, or the match where you break your right hand and you need to win with your left, or the bullshit final boss that made me really mad.

Fighting is fun most of the time but sometimes your character doesn't do what you want him to. This becomes especially irritating when you are trying to pull off quick combos, or if you are button mashing (which I do a lot) because every missed punch lowers your stamina and can really fuck you over later in the fight. I also found the commentators to be quite repetitive and annoying at times. I mean they would consistently say shit like "it looks like he's slowing down" even though I literally haven't stopped punching at lightning speeds for the entire fight. 

Even so, the story mode is really fun and had a lot of effort put into it. If only EA tried half as hard with the story modes for their UFC games as well 😓

21 Nov 2023